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Frequently Asked Questions:  

1.  Are casino parties legal?

Absolutely, Arkansas Casino Events provides casino parties for entertainment purposes in which no cash is being exchanged.  Companies that wish to give away “door prizes” can also be given away for those that have the most chips at the end of the event as long as there is not a cost associated with playing.  Charitable 501(c)(3) organizations may host poker tournaments and host casino night parties awarding donated prizes.

2.  How does the Casino Party work?

Because guests aren't playing with real money, you might ask yourself, "How does this whole casino party thing work?" Here's what happens, in a nutshell. First, as your guests enter the party, they are handed a specified amount of large denomination chips.  Usually 2 ea. - 100 Dollar chips.

Once the casino opens, guests can walk up to their favorite table and exchange the large denomination chips for smaller denominations.  Our casino chips are clearly marked with denominations that range from $5 to $1,000, and each denomination has a different color so guests can easily tell each one apart.  Because our smallest chips are $5 denominations, $5 usually serves as the minimum bet at the gaming tables.

As the gaming time is drawing to a close, our dealers will announce the last hand, the last spin of the wheel, and the last throw of the dice. Guests will then be instructed to go back to their favorite table and turn in their casino chips. If you choose to have a raffle we'll provide raffle tickets free of charge, and our crew can handle all the logistics and even emcee the entire raffle for you.

3.  How should we give away prizes?

There are 3 basic ways to award the prizes:

  • Raffle

  • Top Winners

  • Auction


Of all the versions listed, Arkansas Casiono Events highly recommends the raffle method. For a raffle, your guests will cash in all their chips with the dealers for raffle tickets, generally at a rate of  1 raffle ticket per $200 in chips. Guests can always be given at least 1 raffle ticket which keeps everyone's interest until the very end. Big winners are awarded with more tickets, giving them a better chance to win. Most important of all, is the raffle method removes the chance for your guests to cheat or arguee. Raffles can be conducted as a single drawing or auction style drawing. The raffle method is, by far, the best method for fundraisers.

4.  How Many Players fit per table?

Our Tables can accommodate as follows:

  • 8’ Craps Tables - up to 12 players

  • Roulette Tables - 8-10 players

  • Blackjack, Let em Ride, Carribean Stud, Three Card Poker, Casino War, Ultimate Texas Hold'em Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat  - 6 players (requires chairs)

  • Texas Hold’em Table -up to 9 players (Requires chairs)

  • Money Wheel - 8-10 players

5.  Do you provide stools or chairs?

Most of our gaming tables are built to be sit down games for guest comfortability.  However, we do not provide chairs or  stools because most venues usually have them available for the party.  We already have fully loaded trailers and don't need to add equipment that would rarely be used.  Chair requirements are listed above (Question 4) for the players, plus each gaming table that has chairs requires a chair for the dealer.

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