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Craps is one of the fastest moving and most exciting casino games.  Two of our dealers, each with specific tasks, attends to players as they place bets. Then a player rolls the dice and the excitement begins. It’s a game of betting with or against the dice. These fast-action tables can be intimidating to the beginner, but it’s easy to learn. Our dealers will explain the game as you go. If you are looking for fun and excitement at every turn as well as a game of interaction and socialization this is the game for your party.   NOTE:  ACE Dealers pay better odds then at real casinos!!!




Arkansas Casino Events has a wide selection of games available for your casino party.  Games include the popular Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack Tables.  We also have a variety of other games that you see in casinos such as Let 'em Ride, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold 'em, Ultimate Texas Hold 'em, Pai Gow Poker, Baccaratt, Money Wheel and Casino War.  Of course, just like you would find in every casino around the country, we also have slot machines available.


Below you can find the layouts of each gaming table along with a short description of the game.  You'll also find video tutorial links for each game that your guests can also view before the event.  If your guests don't know any of the games, no worries, our friendly dealers are trained to teach guests how to play all the games.





Roulette is a casino game named after a French diminutive for little wheel. In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even.





Blackjack  also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. Blackjack is a comparing card game between a player and dealer, meaning that players compete against the dealer but not against any other players. Blackjack is played several decks of cards. The object of the game is to reach 21 points or to reach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21.

Let 'em Ride


Let 'em Ride is an easy game and easy money.  That’s right! Make your bets, and if you’ve got a good hand, just Let It Ride. You don’t even compete against the dealer. Hit a winning hand, and you could grow your chipstack quickly. It’s fast, fun and simple.



First, place 3 equal bets. Then you’re dealt three cards. If you like’em, Let It Ride. If you don’t like’em, take back your first bet. Then the dealer turns over one of two community cards. How do you like your hand now? Let 'em Ride, or take back your second bet. Finally, the dealer turns over the second community card and pays all winners.

3 Card Poker



Three-card poker is a new game in the casino world and is has becoming one of the most popular table games. Players are attracted to the game because of its simplicity and also the fact that it is great fun. Three-card poker is actually a combination of 2 games in one – Pair Plus and Ante and Play and players are allowed to bet on either or both, depending on the house rules. Both games are based on hands requiring three cards.

Unlike regular poker where players compete against each other, three-card poker players compete against the dealer or against a predetermined payout schedule for specific hands. In the Ante and Play game, players bet against the dealer to see who has the highest hand, and in the Pair Plus game players wager whether they will be dealt a pair or better.



Carribean Stud



1 – 1 One Pair or Less

2 – 1 Two Pair

3 – 1 Three of a Kind

4 – 1 Straight

5 – 1 Flush

7 – 1 Full House

20 – 1 Four of a Kind

50 – 1 Straight Flush

100 – 1 Royal Flush


Texas Hold'em


To play, the player must place a bet in the ante circle. The player receives five cards face down and the dealer receives four cards face down and one card face up. The player looks at their cards and has the option to play or fold. If the player wishes to play, the player must bet exactly double the amount of the ante. If the player wishes to fold, the player forfeits their ante. After the player has made their decision, the dealer reveals remaining four cards.

Dealer only plays with Ace and King or higher. If the dealer has Ace and King or higher, the dealer then compare their cards to the player’s cards. If the player’s cards beat the dealer’s cards, the player will receive even money (1-1) on the ante, and bonus amount on the bet.  Best Poker Hand Wins between the player and the dealer only.


If the dealer does not have Ace and King or higher, player receives even money (1-1) on ante. If dealer’s cards beat player’s cards, dealer collects ante and bet. Player may NOT exchange or communicate information regarding their hands. Any violation will result in a dead hand and forfeiture of bet and ante.


We do not play the progressive jackbot because of the logistics involved during our casino parties.


Texas Hold'em, a version of Poker for between 2-10 players, is today among the most popular variations of Poker. The game has gained popularity, both in the US and abroad, due to its fast paced play and simple game rules. A hand of Texas Hold'em consists of up to four Betting Rounds. After the placing of the Blind Bets (see The Blind Bets below), each player receives two private, facedown "Pocket Cards". Throughout the hand, five face-up "Community Boardcards" are placed in the center of the table, to be shared by all the players. 

After the fourth and final Betting Round is complete, there is a "Showdown". The player who creates the highest ranking (valued), five card, Poker hand, using any combination of their two Pocket Cards and the five Community Boardcards, wins the Pot.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em


In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players must make equal bets on the “ante” and “blind.” “Trips” is an optional bonus bet. Each player and the dealer receive two cards. Players compete against the dealer with three potential betting rounds.

The first betting round is pre-flop, after the dealer distributes two cards to all, and players may opt to check or bet either three or four times their “ante” in the “play.”

If a player checks the first betting round, his second chance to bet is on the flop, after three community cards are dealt. In this round, a player may check or bet two times the “ante” in the “play.”

If a player checks the first and second betting round, his final chance to bet is after the remaining two community cards are dealt (called the turn and the river). In this case the player may either fold and lose the “ante” and “blind” or match the bet of the “ante” in the “play.”

Players compete against the dealer and the best hand wins, some bets are paid odds with the pay table on the layout. The dealer needs a pair or better to qualify.

Pai Gow Poker


Money Wheel

Casino War


Pai Gow Poker combines elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American game of poker. It is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards plus one joker. The joker is used only as an Ace, or to complete a straight, a flush, or a straight flush.

The dealer starts the game by rolling three dice. The total of the dice determines which player receives the first set of cards. Each player receives seven cards and creates two hands simultaneously: a high hand and second high hand. The player’s high hand is made up of two cards. Both hands must be higher than the bank hands to win. If one hand is higher and the other is lower, it is a tie. IF both of the player’s hands are lower than the bank’s hands, the player loses.

Pai Gow Poker is essentially playing two separate poker hands according to traditional poker rankings. The house dealer will explain the ranks and assist you in arranging your hands, but is not responsible for wins or losses.  Payoffs are even money.




Those participating in the game place a wager on either the BANK or the PLAYER. Two hands, of two cards each, are dealt from the baccarat “shoe”. Later, a third card may be required for either hand. The first hand represents those betting on the PLAYER, the other betting on the BANK. The winning hand is the one which totals the closest to 9. Tens, cards totaling ten, or picture cards count as nothing or zero. All other cards count as their face value. If the cards total a two-digit number, the last digit counts as the value of the hand. For example, 6 + 7 = 13, counts as 3.

Play begins when the shoe is passed to the first customer, who deals the cards under the supervision of the dealers. Four cards are dealt alternately from the shoe. First card to the PLAYER, second to the BANK. If a third is required for either or both hands, the house dealer calls for it. Once the play begins, established rules determine the draw.

All wagers for the BANK or the PLAYER pay even money. Winning BANK bets are charged a 5% commission. You may wager that the BANK and the PLAYER will draw hands that tie. This wager pays eight-to-one.




Place your bets in the different dollar amounts on the gaming table.  The dealer then spins the 36" wheel and when it lands on your number you win according to the payout schedule below.  



$1 = 1 to 1

$2 = 2 to 1

$5 = 5 to 1

$10 = 10 to 1

$20 = 20 to 1  



Casino War is without doubt the simplest card game available in the casino, but its simplicity doesn’t make it less interesting. If as a kid or teenager, you ever played War or placed bet on the highest card value, then the Casino War will seem immediately enjoyable and familiar.

Cards are ranked according to their poker value with a king outranking a queen, and Aces being the highest. A side bet referred to as “Tie Bet” can be played simultaneously, but you can’t play on the Tie Bet alone. All suits of cards (hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds) are of equal ranking.


After all players have placed their bets, all players and the dealer, each gets a card. These cards will be compared with the dealer’s card. If the player’s card is higher, he wins and grabs the cash. If the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses. Really simple, right? In the event of a tie, the player has two choices: the first is to surrender and give up half the bet or the second go to war with the dealer. If a player decides to join the casino war, he needs to raise the bet by an amount comparable his earlier wager. The dealer repeats this step but this is simply just for show. The dealer burns three cards and the player gets one card and the dealer also gets a card. If the player’s second card comparable or beats the dealer’s card then the player wins equal money on the raise only, while the original bet is a push (neither win or lose). But if the dealer’s second card has higher value than the player’s card, the player loses both bets. Tie bet also applies in certain casinos which pay 10-1 if the first two-cards tie.

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